Friday, March 9, 2018

Hyperdocs Trick with Bookmarking

Their answers are all over the place! 

Not every teacher enjoys the process of weeding through a hyperdoc to grade their student submissions. So we have this simple bookmarking tip to keep the hyperdoc organized with all student submissions routed to one area for easy feedback and grading. This tip works with google docs specifically.

How do I insert a bookmark? 

To add a bookmark in a Doc, put your cursor where you would like to add the bookmark then go to Insert menu and select Bookmark. You will see a little bookmark icon appear. Then you can add a link to that bookmark by highlighting the text, and using the link tool or the shortcut (CTRL or CMND + K), then click “Bookmarks” to see all the bookmarks you’ve added. Simply select which bookmark to which you want to link.

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