Monday, April 18, 2016

Instagram in the Classroom- Social Media Meeting Instructional Goals

By Nathan Garza (Guest Blogger)
Instagram is a very popular social media and networking tool used here in the United States and globally. The application for smart phones, which is view-able on a desktop/laptop/chromebook, is a photo and video sharing social media tool. Users can post and share images and short videos on the site instantaneously. The applications for this tool in a classroom are endless. Teachers can use it to post excellent work. They can also post updates to their schedules, test dates, upcoming quizzes or even homework assignments. It is a great way for a teacher to keep connected with their students over breaks. Students can share favorite books or paintings. Assignments can be used to increase student learning outside of the classroom. Students can be sent on scavenger hunts for local historical locations. They can answer math questions or share images of famous people, paintings or locations. Teachers and students alike can post images of significant trips around the country and even the world. Instagram helps teachers bring the entire world into the classroom. 

One of the great characteristics of this tool is that it is universally used and can be mastered within an hour. It is very user friendly and it comes with automatic updates, which fix any glitches or other problems. The program is very well maintained and has even won a number of social media awards in the past. The program creates an instantaneous connection between the individual and their followers. In an instant (instagram) a person can be notified of a post, like or a comment. It can even be accessed via a desktop, but has fewer applications. The best part of this application is that it is free, in an increasingly expensive world, free is amazing. 

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