Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Keeping it all in your Pocket!

By Stockton University student Alexis Corbett
“Pocket” is a web 2.0 tool that allows you to save articles, web pages, images, videos, and everything in between to one convenient location. Essentially, it is like Google Drive; except instead of saving your own work, you are saving things you like from anywhere on the web. It can be used in the classroom by saving articles and videos you want to use for a lesson right to Pocket. In doing so, you wouldn’t have to surf the web during class and would have everything in one quick and easy location.

In my screencast I show how to download pocket and how to use it and all of its features. There is a button on your toolbar that allows you to save your articles with the simple click of a button and can be used with several different browsers. Below is a link to the download webpage:

All in all, Pocket is a great tool for teachers, students, and just about anyone and everyone. Its simplicity and ease of use is even perfect for those who are not exactly tech savvy, and can serve multiple purposes.

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