Monday, April 7, 2014

Formative Assessment With Zondle

Mrs Brown of St. Mary's Memorial High School shared her love of  Zondle as an assessment tool, "I am sure a lot of you have been been using Zondle already  but if you haven't checked it out I definitely suggest you do!   In general, you create review questions on the website and the site turns it into games for students to play on computers, tablets and smartphones. You can also set it up to play review games as a whole class. Students get points for getting questions correct and playing often.  Their current "place" is put on the leaderboard so it is like a competition for the students.  A lot of my students are just as obsessed with using zondle as I am.  Go to and start playing around with it if you have time. Students can play again and again if you set the quiz as formative assessment, so its great for any memorization. You can see if their scores are improving each time and which questions they miss most. It also makes students answer questions they miss over again until they get it right. Yes, you can also use quizzes other teachers made. Also, if you want to take a grade on a quiz you can set it as summative assessment too so they can only play it once."

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