Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Subtweeting, Avoiding Confrontation, and Disciplinary Action

Teens know how to negotiate social media to get their point across and avoid outright confrontations through the art of the subtweet. The hashtag #subtweet reveals  passive aggressive posts with real targets. The biggest celebrity names subtweet their heartaches, hates and frustrations and our students are using the subtweet as well as the most popular twitterers. Many opt out of the hashtag and just post subtweet-like comments on their twitter feed to fly even further under the radar.  Comparable to the slambooks of the 80's, students use subtweeting to make a point about someone in particular or to draw attention to themselves for a particular purpose.  Using subtweets allows students to avoid disciplinary actions, because they do not name names directly.

Subtweeting from Devils Advocate on Vimeo.

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