Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seven Free Tools for the Creation of Podcasts

If  you are going to create with your class by podcasting, we propose some free tools to achieve them.  Podcast are important resources in teaching, learning and displaying mastery of content. Podcasts are very useful tools for children with specific learning disorders.

Here we provide a list of seven programs, to create and distribute podcasts.
MP3 Encoder: LAME 
Once you create your podcast in audacity, you need to convert it to MP3 format before you upload it to the internet. Converting your audio to MP3 makes the file size smaller and easier for others to download and listen to.
LAME is a program that works with Audacity to convert your audio to MP3.
MP3myMP3 Sound Recorder Logo

 Record audio from your phone, add photos and captions. 

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