Tuesday, September 3, 2013

iMovie for the Classroom, Web-based Workshop

iMovie for the Classroom, Web-based Workshop
iMovie is the easiest tool to use to create high-quality video projects. This online webinar will cover all of the necessary techniques that you and/or your students will need in order to make impressive video-based projects. In addition to discussing many of the less obvious uses in the classroom, we will go through: Capturing Video, editing video, working with still images, using titles and transitions, adding multiple tracks of audio, recording narrations and even creating animated maps. Once our projects are complete we will explore the many options that are available for sharing our projects including making DVDs. This workshop is a must for anybody who has access to iMovie and has not been using it or has only used it within a limited capacity.
Workshop Code: OD14001
Dates:  This is an Online Workshop - What does this mean?
Cost: $29 OR 1 ETTC Hour(s). For info on membership, call the ETTC.
Instructor: Philip Polsinelli
Location: On-line

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