Monday, June 3, 2013

ibooks as cross-curricular projects

You can find the class ibooks in itunes U
The cover of the
Digestive System ibook
For an example of cross-curricular learning of biology and language arts as well as technology integration and 21st Century Skills, we recently found a third grade class from Charlotte-Mecklenbug schools that used ibooks to create publications on the major human body systems.  Students researched in small groups, pooled their findings, and then created their pages for the ibook that was published on itunes University.  There are engaging voiceovers, videos and fun facts embedded in the book, as well as some original student artwork. The books can actually be opened other apps, such a Kobo, or uploaded to your notebooks, folders, drives and libraries in Evernote, Dropbox, Google drive and edmodo for sharing.  We were able to view the published book in the itunes University app and in Kobo.   The teacher, Mrs. Gallo, includes her lesson plan.  The link to view their books is .
The students managed to embed video and audio
as well as text.

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