Monday, May 6, 2013

FastFig- Computational Powerhouse for Students

FastFig is a Mathematics Word Processor that eliminates the need for pencil and and paper in math physics and engineering.  It is browser based and has a problem-solving workflow that s easy to use, as simple as a word processor unlike some of the more complicated solutions on the market.  Students can type and solve problems, and FastFig can tell what is text and what is mathematics. When students make mistakes, they can go back and fix them and the workflow will adjust and update automatically. It handles basic math through Calculus and beyond. The ability to share work makes it easier to send work to teachers and collaborate with classmates. Classroom uses include demonstrating solving problems and correct syntax on interactive whiteboards or projectors. Backwards teaching is possible using this site by typing in a problem and allowing FastFig to solve it. Then, as as class you can explore the steps required to solve the problem. Students at home doing homework can use this site to check their answers. Share this site with students as a resource for checking homework answers. You can create an account using Google, Facebook or your email. There are some basic tutorials on the site to get you started.

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  1. Michelle, thanks for posting this! We have a great new interface now with a lot of updates on their way. Keep checking back with us!


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