Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time To Play With Videoscribe!

Our first guest blogger of 2013 is Jeanette James, a teacher from New South Wales in Australia.  She comes to us through the SRI & ETTC's professional learning community on edmodo. 21st Century classrooms require us to break down traditional classroom walls and collaborate with schools all over the world.

Clearly Jeanette had time over the holidays to rest, relax and most importantly, play with one of the available options of videoscribing software. We will be bringing you the perspectives of many K-12 educators as they show off their technology integration adventures. 

 If you are interested in taking a workshop where you can learn how to use Web 2.0 tools, visit our training calendar page to find the right workshop for you!
Reprinted Permission of Jeanette James 2013

Time to Play!
Time to Play! The holidays are truly epic!  Simply put, the access to TIME allows me to play! When I can play, I learn.  Tonight, I played with a new product called Videoscribe. See below for my first creation using this tool.

Happy New Year all, thanks for all the fun in 2012.

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  1. G'day everyone! Thanks for the privilege of the guest blog spot; truly honoured. WE are at the tail end of our summer break here in Australia. During January we have experienced extreme weather reaching 43-45'c (approx 110-3 Fahrenheit) Many bush fires are reeking havoc. Shopping centres/malls are full with consumers escaping the heat and seeking comfort in the air conditioned atmosphere. Students return to school 30 January. At this stage, I will be teaching junior and senior food technology, Religious education, drama and ICT (information and computing technology). My classes would love to touch base with you and share their learning with others. You can follow our journey here: http://foodtechnologylearningjourney.blogspot.com.au/ We tweet at @foodatoakhill and my handle is @7mrsjames.


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