Friday, January 11, 2013

Student Insight Into Assignments

Now that all teachers have access to the latest version of edmodo, there are numerous upgrades to the product of which educators need to be aware. Insights is one of the many new features and provides  teachers real feedback on how students feel about the assignments they are completing.  If you are using the latest version with your students, they are now required to post a reaction to assignments and quizzes. They do have the option of posting reactions to your posts and those of their peers. The insights link on the new home page shows teachers how their classes are trending; they can see overall performance at a glance, most active groups and which content was the most popular for the week.  Reflective teachers can use the insight information from assignments and quizzes to adjust future assignments based on student reflections. If you need help with the latest version of edmodo for your classroom or school, you have the option of asking for our coach-mentoring services or you can come to one of our updated edmodo workshops.

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